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Lion Ramesh Lakshmanan with D.G. Team of All India at ALL INDIA SCHOOLING, JAIPUR

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Blood Donation Camp

Blood Donation camp organised by LC Hyderabad Bhavana , the newly chartered club under the YOUTH Treasurer Likitha Bhavana.

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Yuva Nirman ‘Champion the Change’ Trainer programme at Multiple Level with all 9 district trainers and D.G.Team along with International Director R.Sunil Kumar.

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SLLI in the year 2010 at NEPAL along with Faculties and co participants from ISAAME countries.

About Lions Club International


The Slogan

The slogan of the association is "Liberty, Intelligence, Our Nation's Safety (LIONS).

The proper name of the association is "The International Association of Lions Clubs." Many Lions, however, prefer the use of the shorter form of "Lions Clubs International."


The Emblem

Throughout the world, Lions are recognized by the emblem they wear on their lapels. It consists of a letter "L" on a circular field. Bordering this on the outer circular area are two lion profiles at opposite sides facing away from the center. The word "Lions" appears at the top, and "International" at the bottom. Symbolically, the lions face both past and future -- proud of the past and confident of the future. Lions wear their emblem with pride.


The Motto

The motto of every Lion is simply "We Serve". What better way to express the true mission of Lionism?

Triumph of an Idea

The International Association of Lions Clubs began as the dream of Chicago insurance man Melvin Jones, who wondered why local business clubs could not expand their horizons from purely business concerns to the betterment of their communities and the world at large. Jones' idea struck a chord within his own group, the Business Circle of Chicago, and they authorized him to explore his concept with similar organizations from around the United States.

The first organizational meeting was held at a local hotel on June 7, 1917. The 12 men who gathered there, voted the "Association of Lions Clubs" into existence, and held the first national convention in Dallas, Texas, USA in October of the same year. Thirty-six delegates representing 22 clubs from nine states, approved the "Lions Clubs" designation, and elected Dr. William P. Woods of Indiana as their first president and founder Melvin Jones was named acting secretary.

That first convention defined what Lionism was to become. A constitution and by-laws were adopted, the colors of purple and gold approved, and a start made on Lionism's "Objectives and Code of Ethics." One of the objectives was startling for an era that prided itself on mercenary individualism, and has remained one of the main tenets of Lionism ever since. Community leaders soon began to organize clubs throughout the United States, and the association became an international organization within three years. Since then, Lions Clubs International have earned high marks for integrity and transparency. We're a well-run organization with a steady vision, a clear mission, and a long--and proud--history.

Today, the association has become truly global, with 45,000 clubs and 1.35 million members in more than 207 countries and geographical areas worldwide.

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